How To Maximize Your Vehicle Ownership Experience

In a world where the Internet all but dominates most people’s day-to-day lives, many may ask “what’s the point of starting a blog?” Granted, it is easy to get lost in the cacophony of the worldwide web, but personally I think it’s worth a shot if this helps at least one person. First of all, there are a lot less blogs out there about the automotive industry than you would anticipate; secondly, there are even less blogs dedicated to a basic understanding of what to expect while navigating through automotive industry or even cars in general – a lot of it is dedicated to what most people commonly refer to as “gearheads”, people who understand words like “powertrain” and “multi-displacement systems” (what??).


With that in mind, the main purpose of this blog will to make the average person feel more informed when dealing with the entirety of their car’s life cycle. Topics that will be covered on this blog will take you through the process extensively; we’re going to take this adventure as if you are going through this process yourself, from A-Z. We’re going to start with topics such as the nuances of online car shopping these days, to brand specific topics, such as a breakdown of all of the current product lineups Chrysler has to offer, as well as financing topics, including going over GAP coverage, and even maintaining your car after your purchase.


Before we go too far in depth though, let’s get some background information as to where all of this information is coming from. My name is Mylee and I work at Reed Chrysler in Beaver Dam, WI. We are a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealer that has become a second-generation family operated business, where making sure customers have the best experience possible is the number one priority. You may say “yeah, okay” but having just started here, I can certainly say that this is definitely the case day in and day out. I would like to add to that tradition by making others feel as informed as possible in such a content-heavy market, especially when cars these days are more or less drivable computers.


So why are we trusting the newbie to feed us all this information? Because I am getting my information from a lot of trusted sources, such as Edmunds as well as our technicians and managers, who by the way have not only worked here for 20+ years, but have also recently been announced as in the top 27 Mopar technicians in the country for the second year in a row. We’re taking this adventure together; a lot of the issues we’re addressing are questions I myself had. Like the other day, when a light started flashing and beeping at me and I panicked and ran back into the service department and they explained to me I just needed more coolant in my car (Who knew? Not me, obviously). As I said before, if I can help at least one person not get overtaken with the crippling panic of the unknown then I will consider this a success. So follow me down the rabbit hole as we go explore the nooks and crannies of this crazy car experience!

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