Important Car Features

A couple of posts back, we discussed how you can refine search requirements for vehicles based upon certain features. I wanted to break some of these features down for you so it’s easier to prioritize what vehicles you’re looking for. The features that seem to be the biggest hits are remote start, heated seats, ventilated seats, navigation, backup camera, Stow ‘N Go seating, and UConnect 8.4. This will be a quick overview of each product so you have a better idea of what you’re dealing with. Later on we’ll go in depth with each feature, make sure to check back! To give you a mini-tour of these features, we’re going to look at one of the new Chrysler Pacificas we have on the showroom floor.



The first two are the ultimate features many look for, especially in this Wisconsin climate that is never the same each day – remote start and heated seats. Remote start is when you have the ability to start your car from your key fob from up to 200 feet; heated seats are also a hot commodity, not very many people enjoy the chill that leather upholstery can offer during the winter. In the picture below, you’ll see the key fob that comes with this Pacifica. On the top row, you have your standard lock and unlock buttons; the second row contains the liftgate opener on the left and the remote start on the right (both require a quick double punch to engage that button); the third row contains openers for the rear doors on either side of the van, which also require the double punch. Last but not least we have our panic button.


Ventilated seats are something that’s a little more recent on the market; they’re heated seats lovely twin during the hot summer days when you feel like your legs are going to permanently stick to the seat. One way to keep an eye out for this feature is for perforated seats, which is how the cool air gets distributed. It’s also important to note that ventilated seats are usually in the higher packages of most models, so if price is of great importance, make sure to keep an eye out.


Navigation has evolved from the Garmin or TomTom that took forever to get mounted to your dash. With a lot of newer model lineups, the navigation is usually synonymous with another feature I mentioned, UConnect 8.4. It is an 8.4-inch touchscreen on your dash that is home for features such as climate control, your media controls, your settings, as well as your navigation if you have it. Navigation is typically another feature that is in mid- to higher-level packages as well so keep that in mind. We have the 8.4 screen of the Pacifica displayed, currently on the “Controls” tab, which controls the heated seats we spoke of earlier, as well as the heated steering wheel that this particular van has. If you take a peek below, you can see the other tabs for things like media, climate control, and apps as discussed.


One of the more popular features that goes hand-in-hand with the UConnect 8.4 is a backup camera. You’re probably somewhat familiar with how these might work; they have guidelines, usually color coded, as well as a beeping notification (that is optional) to indicate how close you are to objects behind you, while the camera displays on the 8.4. For anyone not comfortable with backing up or who are driving a larger vehicle, this is always a nice feature. The picture below shows the rear parking sensors that monitor how close an object is to your bumper.


The last feature we’ll go over briefly is Stow ‘N Go. Stow ‘N Go is something that is specific to Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram products, and comes in handy with vehicles like minivans. The second and third row have the ability to stow completely flat within the floor of the vehicle, leaving you with the ability to use all of the rear cargo space for hauling your weekend projects or move large objects with ease. Below is a series of pictures detailing the different stages of a third row stow. Starting on the top left and going clockwise: all seats upright; left and middle seats stowed; all seats stowed – all that space! We’ll cover how easy it is to put them all away in a later post.


Are there any features you think we missed that you’d like to go over? Let us know in the comments!

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