How to Enhance Your Driving Experience – Part 3

The third part of this installment is finally here! Let’s take a look at the last few potential items you can use to enhance your driving experience; remember the first two were the extended service contract and the GAP insurance. The three topics we’re going to touch on today include environmental packages, credit life, and credit disability.


An environmental package is great if you care greatly about maintaining the appearance of your vehicle. The particular environmental package that we offer here at Reed Chrysler is one that goes on the interior and exterior of the vehicle and has a seven year warranty! It protects against water- and oil-based stains on the interior, and on the exterior, protects against anything that would warp or damage the paint, including UV rays, acid rain, as well as makes it easier for things like dirt, bird droppings, and salt to wash off. There’s also a separate option to undercoat the vehicle, which can be especially beneficial in Wisconsin with all of the salt on the road for half of the year.


The next two to discuss are credit life and credit disability. These are additional types of insurance that will cover you in the unfortunate case of death or injury. Credit life will make sure that if you were to pass away, that your vehicle loan is paid off and transferred to a person of your choosing, lessening the burden that can come with taking care of affairs of someone who has passed away.


The credit disability is a great option for those who would have a hard time paying their bills if they are to become sick or injured. Credit disability would take over your payments, ensuring your vehicle loan does not default and maintaining your credit score. The credit disability that we offer at Reed Chrysler is what is considered retroactive, meaning if you are sick or injured for an extended period of time, on the fourteenth day of being sick or injured, your disability would enact, and would pay back from the beginning of your injury or illness.


Sometimes it’s okay to try and be proactive about making your life easier, especially when it comes to something as important as money and credit! Want to know if any of these are right for you? Send us a message!

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