Part One – Winter Safety

With the cold snap that has pervaded the majority of the continental US, it’s not surprising that one of the first things that need attention this winter is your car battery! There’s nothing more heart-dropping than attempting to start your car in the bitter cold only to have it try (and fail) to turn over. However, don’t panic! Most of the time it can be easily remedied. You probably just need a quick jump!


One of the things that should be in the trunk of everyone’s car – jumper cables. Once you have those, all you need is a friend willing to hook you up to their car and give you a boost. Just some reminders:

  • “Like with like” – always put red on red and black on black
  • Once connected to the working battery, the other side is now live – don’t touch the two ends together!
  • Make sure your cables are in good condition – no frayed or exposed wires!
  • Let your car run for a good amount of time after jumping so as to build the charge up on the battery


If you feel like your battery was still very sluggish and unresponsive even after being jumped, it’s never a bad idea to bring it into our service department and we can tell if you if it’s time to swap!


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  1. […] to the second installment of our series on winter safety! The first installment covered battery care, and today we are going to talk about tire safety. The two biggest ways to ensure your safety […]


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