Winter Storm Safety

Limit Travel

This is a no-brainer, but staying off the roads if you can is the best way to avoid any incidents! If you absolutely have to travel, utilize the following tips to get there safely.

Fill Up Your Tank

If you become stuck or stranded waiting for a tow truck or plow, you will want to make sure you car has enough fuel to keep you warm! This is especially true at night and in rural areas.

Take Your Time + Give Yourself Space

Space is key! Slippery roads can lessen reaction times, so remaining vigilant of the people both in front of you and behind you and maintaining safe speeds, as well as giving yourself extra travel time will ensure you arrive at your destination safely!

Pack Spare Jackets, Blankets, Flashlights, and Jumper Cables

Again, in the event of getting stuck or stranded, the biggest priority is to remain warm! Extra layers and blankets are helpful; also pack a flashlight for visibility purposes, and jumper cables are handy to have year-round.

Maintain Clear Windows, Lights, and Parking Assist Systems

Visibility is key! Before each trip in your car, check to make sure your windows, lights, and license plates are clear and visible. An important thing to consider as they are becoming more popular on current vehicles is making sure your backup camera and parking sensors are free of ice and snow!

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